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Front Page Help Pierre TTL 2002

https://sis.ddncampus.net:8081/campus/pierre.jsp (new campus)

http://www.quia.com/pages/riggsespanol2.html (link to Quia Spanish 2)

http://www.quia.com/pages/riggsspanish3.html (link to Quia Spanish 3 page) 

http://www.quia.com/pages/riggsspanish4.html (Spanish IV / Honors Spanish quia page)


Quia –

 If there is interest:

  • Create an activity

  • Create folders in activity

  • Create a quiz

  • Create folders for your quizzes

  • Add students to your class list


Quia vs. WebCT6 vs SynchronEyes

 All have Quiz feature (my preference is Quia)

  1.  notation in math is not available in WebCT or Quia (without using a separate programming code), but can be done in SynchronEyes

  2. SynchronEyes stores whole quiz whereas WebCT stores in a data base to draw from for further testing.  Quia does both

  3.  Can use images in all three types of Quizzes

  4.  Date and time release is available in WebCT & Quia not SynchronEyes.  Randomize available in both WebCT & Quia

  5.  WebCT & Quia are able to give feedback for all questions on quizzes.

 Both WebCT & SynchronEyes are able to transfer files Quia is not as easy to do (I think that I will use SynchronEyes)

  1. stores in WebCT and you can zip the files out and use anywhere

  2.  SynchronEyes large amounts of folders to save all of the information

  3.  stays in WebCT but in SynchronEyes is only stored on local machine


  1. SynchronEyes is only in the school situation

  2. WebCT & Quia are totally web based


Calendar (I will use the WebCT calendar for drama & Quia for Spanish)

  1. SynchronEyes – no calendar

  2.  WebCT – calendar – able to see one class as well as all classes student may be enrolled in and teacher can see all classes he/she is using

  3.  Quia – allows a student to see one class at a time.


  1. in both SynchroEyes & WebCT but not Quia

  2. Chat in SynchroEyes can be individual or whole class

  3. WebCT is whole class but can send private messages to others

 Discussion Board (journal, threaded and blogs) – I will use WebCT

1.      In WebCT but not in SynchronEyes nor quia

 Grade Book

  1.  In Webct6 & Quia have the ability to save grades in a grade book that can be exported to Excel (second copy in case of loss in campus)

  2.  SynchronEyes does not have that capability


Exporting class

  1.  In WebCT6 &you can export all tests and quizzes with a date rollover

  2. Quia keeps all your quizzes, but there is not a “rollover” feature

  3.  In SynchronEyes you can’t

 SynchronEyes – quick handout of paper/documents

SynchronEyes is seen as a classroom Management Tool – only available when students are in your classroom

WebCT is seen more as an Organization Tool – Web based

Quia & WebCT have a class page.  (This is really easy to set up & link to in Quia – because it has a unique URL)



https://webmail.k12.sd.us/ (check webmail)



  e-mail: hyrma.zakahi@k12.sd.us